Designing the ideal resume or ‘Curriculum Vitae’ (CV) as we’d call it in the UK is an essential tool towards being recognised and ultimately requested for the all-important school interview.

There are many different ways to format your resume but make sure you don’t make some obvious simple mistakes. Remember the average time it takes an employer to view a resume is just 6 seconds!

Important things to remember when writing your resume

1) Don’t make it too long

As a general rule ensure that your resume doesn’t exceed 3 pages A4 in size. If you are a newly graduating teacher, 2 pages of A4 is more than enough. There is nothing worse than viewing a resume of 10+ pages which lists a whole host of irrelevant things. An employer will get bored and will move on to the next resume!

2) Make sure your resume is neat and tidy

It sounds obvious but there are far too many resumes out there which look scruffy and misaligned. Ensure that you have clear gaps for each written section and make sure that everything lines up correctly.

3) Ensure that your resume dates back 10 years with no gaps

Dates must be clearly written (month and year) for at least the last 10 years of your employment with any obvious gaps in employment explained. If you are a young teacher and don’t have 10 years work history, make sure your previous education stretches back this far instead.

4) List your employment in reverse chronological order

When an employer views a resume, they want to see the most recent experience first of all as this is most relevant. Previous employment listed below must then be listed below.

5) Detail the positions within your employment history

Without going into too much detail on every school you have worked in, ensure that you include key points such as name of school and region, date of employment (month and year), subject(s) taught and grade/year groups taught. This could then be followed by a brief paragraph on the school or some key bullet points of responsibility within your role. Don’t make the list too long though!

What must you include in your resume?

Contact information – Name, phone number and email address as a minimum but external links also towards perhaps LinkedIn are optional

  • Profile – Create a brief personal statement (perhaps 50-75 words) summarising a little more about you and your teaching background whilst including some personal attributes you possess.
  • Education and Qualifications – Provide a detailed background of your previous education and qualifications – in particular a teaching degree, qualifications and achievements.
  • Work Experience – Give detailed information of your previous teaching posts and if you are a graduating teacher list the teaching placements from your degree.
  • Skills – List a small number of key skills that show your strengths as a teacher. Previous experience in school extra-curricular activities are a real eye-opener to schools in England!
  • Personal interests – This is an optional extra but can show a little more about your personality. However please do not write down obvious things like ‘surfing the internet’, ‘socialising’ or ‘going to the cinema’ as particular examples!
  • References – Simply writing ‘References available on request’ is ideal but please also ensure you have at least 2 referees to contact who must have been in a role of responsibility senior to yourself within a school. For graduate teachers, a school mentor or university course coordinator is ideal.






We will help you understand everything you need to know about the recruitment process and teaching in England. Simply send through your details and a copy of your resume. Attaching your resume is important because it will help us understand more about your background as a teacher.

Please feel free to also send a short video introduction (1-2 minutes - no longer) to explain your interest in teaching in England and more about your background as a teacher. Please send a link of your video that has been uploaded via a platform eg. YouTube or Google Drive.


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