Quantum Scholars recruit wonderful maths, science and computer science teachers from countries where sometimes citizens may require Tier 2 sponsorship from a school in order to work. This includes the following criteria:

  • All citizens from the USA, Jamaica and South Africa
  • All citizens aged 31 and over from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • All citizens aged under 31 from Canada, Australia and New Zealand who have previously used a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

To ensure schools understand how to sponsor a candidate requiring sponsorship, Quantum Scholars work with a UK immigration consultancy who provide invaluable support as the visa process gets underway

As part of the service towards hiring a Quantum Scholars candidate, a visa consultation is provided to schools for free.

Easy-to-read guides for schools and candidates have also been created


The service we have had from Quantum Scholars has been first class from start to end. The initial information was concise and accurate and provided a clear understanding of the background of the candidates. At all times Quantum Scholars listened to our needs and I believe understand the ethos of the school and therefore the type of teacher who is a best fit with us. The candidates we have taken on in school have been of the highest quality and…

John F, Headteacher

Quantum Scholars are an organisation you can trust who provide a high quality service. The DfE funding grant which pays for the recruitment fee of the teacher is definitely a ‘pull factor’ but the service and organisation has been impressive too. Quantum Scholars have been very efficient and we are very impressed.

Roger J, Headteacher

The service we received from Quantum Scholars was fantastic and a very honest description and a highly suitable candidate. This recruitment process was much stronger, faster, more efficient and reliable to other services we have used. We will definitely be using Quantum Scholars again.

Alexandra C, Assistant Headteacher

The quality of candidates we have been presented with has been outstanding. Quantum Scholars know us and our school well and select candidates that they genuinely think will be a good match for us. They are always able to really help ‘sell our school’ and this has allowed us to recruit well. Quantum Scholars have quickly become a very important part of our recruitment strategy.’

Helen E, Deputy Headteacher