Yes, you can still travel. Most international borders are closed and the directive is for all people to stay and not to travel, however, it is possible to apply for an exemption in some countries.

We are currently providing assistance and documentation for your COVID ‘request for travel application’ should your own country require it. This currently includes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Ireland and Jamaica. 


We are here to help international teachers of all secondary subjects.

For all secondary subjects including; Maths, Science, Computer Science or Modern Foreign Languages Teacher (Spanish, French or German) English, Geography, History, Business Studies, Design Technology and Food Technology, Quantum Scholars can offer international candidates a fantastic benefits package.

We are also very keen to speak to international primary/elementary teachers who do not require sponsorship (for example through a YMS Visa).

Teach in a long-term contract with Quantum Scholars

Quantum Scholars partner with state secondary schools across England with a strong focus on the South East England region including London.

Our schools have a continuous need for secondary teachers to fill long-term positions that are typically one year contracts. These types of position provide international teachers with a stable but flexible contract of employment educating students on the subject they teach best.

When working as a long-term contract teacher through Quantum Scholars you will be entitled to a range of benefits:

Induction acclimatisation
A two day (3 night) induction event led by Cygnus Teaching School Alliance allowing teachers to get to grips with the UK curriculum and the expectations of education in England before they start teaching in school. Held at the University of Roehampton in south west London, this induction is also a great chance to meet other international teachers and enjoy a social event to celebrate arriving in England. Free accommodation, lunch and breakfast is also provided throughout the induction.

Ongoing Continued Professional Development
Long-term contracted teachers will be granted access to our informative online learning platform App throughout their first year which hosts a range of ideas to help with an international teacher’s development and wellbeing as they adapt themselves to teaching in England.

£400 free travel vouchers
Upon completing their first year of teaching in England with Quantum Scholars, long-term supply teachers will be provided with £400 free travel vouchers.

Relocation Expenses
When working on long-term supply through the umbrella company Orange Genie, international teachers will be entitled to a range of positive financial benefits such as the ability to claim tax free relocation expenses, which reduce the amount of tax they pay. This includes flight to England, initial accommodation, visa and immigration health surcharge, travel from the airport and even luggage costs.

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 If you're an overseas teacher we're currently providing assistance and documentation for your COVID ‘request for travel application’ should your own country require it. This currently includes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Ireland and Jamaica.

We will help you understand everything you need to know about the recruitment process and teaching in England. Simply send through your details and a copy of your resume and we will be in contact shortly.

    *As a reminder please note that unfortunately, we are unable to assist with primary teaching applications at this time. We are also unable to assist candidates who do not hold / who are not currently undertaking a teaching qualification from their own country.


    Quantum Scholars is a great opportunity to live and teach in another country to open up new experiences. The schools presented to me were great options that fitted my requests and personality. It’s an excellent service that is very helpful and every question I had was addressed and answered with care. Lots of advising and assistance was given to me during the visa process which was extremely helpful.

    Danielle C

    The service has been wonderful. Quantum Scholars have been very informative, helpful and accommodating. All questions I had were answered quickly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. The visa process was also very straightforward after meeting with Quantum Scholar’s visa representative.

    Melissa N

    Quantum Scholars has been very helpful, transparent and efficient and I got a job teaching students that fit my skill set. The process was very straightforward and I would recommend Quantum Scholars. The visa process was also very straightforward and I really appreciated having the help of a UK immigration expert.

    Jasmine V

    I wanted to get experience teaching internationally, yet stay teaching maths. This program gives me an extra layer of support and opportunity to develop my professional skills that I would not have otherwise had. The service has been wonderful. Quantum Scholars made sure I was well-informed and supported throughout the entire process and communication was easy. This is a great way to take a step and try something new, but feel supported along the way.

    Christie W

    The advice I received when making a decision to accept my position was extremely honest and helpful. The process of securing a teaching position in England was made so much easier by working with Quantum Scholars. I received honest feedback and was helped every step of the way with advice and answers to every question I had. I am excited to be a part of the program!

    Amy B