Teachers of Other Subjects

Teachers of Other Subjects

Quantum Scholars also welcome international teachers of other subject areas to apply. If you’re not a maths, science or computer science teacher, we can still help you!

Although the program supported and funded by the Department for Education specifically recruits Maths, Science and Computer Science teachers, Quantum Scholars are also able to assist other subject areas such as English, Geography, History and Primary. These subjects are also in high demand in England.

The same recruitment process would apply for all other teachers with the same overall result of securing a teaching position that suited a candidate’s character, experience and location preference.


Quantum Scholars has been very helpful, transparent and efficient and I got a job teaching students that fit my skill set. The process was very straightforward and I would recommend Quantum Scholars. The visa process was also very straightforward and I really appreciated having the help of a UK immigration…
Jasmine V
I wanted to get experience teaching internationally, yet stay teaching maths. This program gives me an extra layer of support and opportunity to develop my professional skills that I would not have otherwise had. The service has been wonderful. Quantum Scholars made sure I was well-informed and supported throughout the…
Christie W
They are prompt, effective communicators that are eager to support you through the process. They are extremely supportive and informative and make an intimidating process seem easy. It is a great program where the representatives are excited to help you with the transition
Alex B
The service I received was very swift and I appreciated how quickly I got responses. The school who hired me met my current teaching ability and my living needs. The visa process has been very straightforward after my consultation with Quantum Scholar’s UK immigration advisor.
Blair D
The advice I received when making a decision to accept my position was extremely honest and helpful. The process of securing a teaching position in England was made so much easier by working with Quantum Scholars. I received honest feedback and was helped every step of the way with advice…
Amy B