There are many wonderful choices for teachers all over the world looking for an international experience to enhance their ability and become better, more rounded educators. To teach in the UK has soundly grown into the leading choice for international teachers.

Teaching in England is Life Changing

International teaching or teaching in England is a life-changing experience, and one that has to be carefully considered. There are personal adjustments that need to be made when adapting to a new life abroad. Meeting new friends, finding a new place to live and adapting to a different curriculum. Whether you’re looking to teach in London, teach in England or teach in the UK, these are the factors behind travelling that make it so exciting! Teachers taking themselves out of their comfort zone to experience something new and thrilling whilst importantly gaining a valuable teaching experience.

England is a world leader in Education

England is a country renowned internationally for its forward-thinking and modern style of education to achieve high standards. That means higher expectations of teachers coming to work here but with the right level of support and acclimatisation provided by Quantum Scholars we ensure that international teachers flourish in their new environment.

Teachers will gain valuable professional development from their experience in England and will learn new and important skills that will benefit them for years to come.

International teachers have been welcomed into the UK for over 30 years and the trend is set continue long into the future.

Become a teacher in the UK & have Europe on your doorstep

Another huge benefit to teaching in England is the opportunity to travel around Europe during the frequent holiday opportunities during the school year. Some of the most amazing cities in the world are within a short flight from England.

Here’s some useful information to help you understand what teaching is like in the UK.
Guide for International Teachers
UK Curriculum
UK VISA for Teachers



We’re very proud of what we provide to our international candidates. We are approachable and honest in laying out all the facts (good and bad!) about teaching abroad in England and the recruitment process.

We believe in building social circles amongst our teachers and giving everyone the chance to make new friends and even find housemates. We want to give our international teachers the chance to experience a thriving community where they importantly have a social life to complement their teaching position.

Our retention rate for teachers remaining in the same school past their first year is very high and this proves how much we value the careful matching process of a candidate to the right school during the recruitment process.

We are looking for teachers who are ambitious, motivated and highly enthusiastic about their teaching. Those who are successful in England will be educators who easily relate to students and their needs and can excite them about learning their subject using collaborative techniques.

If want to become a teacher in the UK, or have any questions or concerns, please get in contact and we’ll be able to assist you.


We will help you understand everything you need to know about the recruitment process and teaching in England. Simply send through your details and a copy of your resume. Attaching your resume is important because it will help us understand more about your background as a teacher.

Please feel free to also send a short video introduction (1-2 minutes - no longer) to explain your interest in teaching in England and more about your background as a teacher. Please send a link of your video that has been uploaded via a platform eg. YouTube or Google Drive.