Gaining your UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a recommended step towards teaching in England and we urge all teachers to apply as soon as possible as this is a UK recognised teaching qualification, whatever level your certification or license from your home country is. Having QTS (teaching qualification for the UK) will make you stand out more to English schools looking to hire an international candidate.

Please note though. If you are a teacher from Jamaica or South Africa, you will not be able to automatically gain QTS prior to arriving in England unless you are a Maths or Science Teacher.

Even if you are not entirely committed to teaching in England just yet, please apply for your QTS 

Apply for qualified teacher status (QTS) in England (     

as it will speed up the application process towards you securing a teaching position in England. The service is free to apply and all you have to do is upload your certification/license. You’ll receive an answer back within a month. Please inform Quantum Scholars as to the outcome of your QTS application as it is very important, we are aware. 

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND WE DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS ON QTS – Please use the contact on the website if you have queries.

It is very important to also point out that if for any reason you do not gain or are unable to qualify for QTS, it will not stop Quantum Scholars recruiting you towards securing a teaching position. Many schools across England are entirely comfortable hiring an international teacher without QTS.

Once you receive your UK QTS number, please email the confirmation to


We will help you understand everything you need to know about the recruitment process and teaching in England. Simply send through your details and a copy of your resume. Attaching your resume is important because it will help us understand more about your background as a teacher.

Please feel free to also send a short video introduction (1-2 minutes - no longer) to explain your interest in teaching in England and more about your background as a teacher. Please send a link of your video that has been uploaded via a platform eg. YouTube or Google Drive.


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