Schools across England will be temporarily closed whilst the country curbs the spread of the virus. However, this has not impacted the Quantum Scholars program and we are still recruiting international teachers as per usual and will continue to fill September 2020 and beyond positions.  We wish everyone to stay safe during this period and to please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about the program & future placements.

A life changing experience you'll never forget


Quantum Scholars is a program entirely dedicated to recruiting and supporting top international maths, science and computer science teaching talent to England who will work in our state secondary schools.

By becoming a Quantum Scholar, you’ll be making a huge difference to not only your life, but to the lives of so many students in England. Support throughout the program ensures that teachers are encouraged to flourish to the best of their ability and enjoy teaching in a life-changing experience.

For those teachers securing positions on the program, we will also reimburse your flight to England up to £700 which is paid back after 60 days from the first day of teaching.

Teaching in England is an incredible journey and a life changing experience. For many years it has been the country of choice to international teachers providing a wealth of opportunity for those looking to combine the great balance of work and travel.

Europe is on the doorstep!
One of the real highlights to teaching in the UK is the amazing opportunity of travelling around Europe. Some of the most amazing cities in the world are all reachable within a short flight from five different airports around London.

Teach in a school suited to you
Quantum Scholars are connected to schools throughout England with a particular focus on the South East England region, which includes London. Some of our schools are at the forefront of maths, technology and science education. You’ll be carefully matched with a school committed to your development and suited to your character and skill-set to ensure you are matched for the right teaching job.

All round support
All teachers receive nurturing support and individual mentorship from their school and Quantum Scholar network. This includes specialist support from a Quantum Scholars leader who will observe your lessons and provide valuable feedback as you settle into your teaching career in England.

Continued professional development
Participate in a subject-specific CPD training week before you start teaching and be brought up to speed with the latest subject pedagogy. Training and accommodation is paid for by Quantum Scholars. There is also a fabulous opportunity to meet the entire group of Quantum Scholars, make new friends and even share long term accommodation.

Visa assistance
For teachers requiring visa sponsorship, Quantum Scholars can provide valuable assistance during this process through a consultation with a UK immigration consultant allowing teachers to be walked through the process.

Getting your UK QTS
When you register with Quantum Scholars, we strongly recommend applying for UK Qualified Teacher Status which will allow you teach in England without the need for any additional certification. The process is simple, quick and free to complete.  Register your details and we will guide you through the process.

Although we specialise in Maths and Science, we encourage teachers for English, Geography, History, Computer Science and Primary to contact us as well.

Have a question? Need more information?

Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help start your journey. Send through your details and a copy of your resume and we'll be in contact shortly.


The advice I received when making a decision to accept my position was extremely honest and helpful. The process of securing a teaching position in England was made so much easier by working with Quantum Scholars. I received honest feedback and was helped every step of the way with advice and answers to every question I had. I am excited to be a part of the program!
Amy B
The service I received was very swift and I appreciated how quickly I got responses. The school who hired me met my current teaching ability and my living needs. The visa process has been very straightforward after my consultation with Quantum Scholar’s UK immigration advisor.
Blair D
The service has been wonderful. Quantum Scholars have been very informative, helpful and accommodating. All questions I had were answered quickly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. The visa process was also very straightforward after meeting with Quantum Scholar’s visa representative.
Melissa N
I wanted to get experience teaching internationally, yet stay teaching maths. This program gives me an extra layer of support and opportunity to develop my professional skills that I would not have otherwise had. The service has been wonderful. Quantum Scholars made sure I was well-informed and supported throughout the entire process and communication was easy. This is a great way to take a step and try something new, but feel supported along the way.
Christie W
I would definitely recommend Quantum Scholars to anyone looking to teach in England. The entire experience has been great and I am really enjoying my time here in the UK. The school I work in has been a great fit for me and my personality as well as my experiences in the USA.
Kayleigh E