International Teachers still needed despite new Covid variant

If you are an international secondary teacher keen to teach in England, but are worried that the new variant will have an effect on your chances. We can say with real confidence that there is still a desire from schools to recruit international teachers! Over the last two years we have been focussing recruitment on countries like SA, USA, Canada, Aus and NZ. Along with recruitment from the UAE (UK teachers included). It has been a successful time despite the difficulties from Covid.

Now that Christmas is almost here, international recruitment will turn to Easter, then September 2022 start dates. If you are an international secondary teacher with UK ties such as ancestry, spouse or even a dependency visa, we can help you secure teaching work at any time.

Don’t let Covid get in the way of your dream of teaching in England! As a nation we are currently undertaking an enormous push to provide booster vaccinations to all adults 18+. With a target to do this by the end of January 2022. There are no talks of schools returning to online teaching.